About Us

“The love that we’ve in childhood is usually in our hearts”

Real talk for real people that know the art and science of affection. Whether it’s an individual, animal, or thing, “Baspankapyar” isn’t just a word; it’s a sense an emotion of an individual where they love something.

With an excellent voice in childhood Sahdev Kumar Dirdo who is simply 12 years old now from the town Sukma Chhattisgarh. He’s studying in 7th standard now. When he sang this song he was only in 5th standard standing in class uniform within the class where his teacher recorded this song from mobile and published it on social media but nobody came to understand about it.

Jaane Meri Jaaneman
Bachpan Ka Pyar Mera Bhul Nahi Jaana Re
Sacha Mera Pyar Hai
Jaan Tujhe Kiya Hai
Bachpan Ka Pyar Mera Bhul Nahi Jana Re

This song suddenly became viral on social media like Face book, YouTube, Instagram, etc. This song “Baspankapyar” was broken but it’s the first which made this song viral and therefore the kid got fame in life. Where most are sleeping by sending this song and making a duet thereon.

Also, the talented Punjabi singer “Bad-shah” rewrote this song beautifully, where the boy got his name and fame socially. That’s where we got the thought of this blog because the word comes with the sensation of affection where all the relationships in our lives are. In this, we mention our childhood love, life, relationships, etc.

It’s not only supported some common life relationships but covers all the relationships during a person’s life. Where every minute we spend our precious time playing, loving, making friends, doing adventure, etc.

It is about the sexual love of an individual whether it’s an individual or thing.