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Vikram Batra Dimple Cheema a perfect uncountable love story

Vikram Batra and Dimple Cheema are in love forever, and how our nation never forgets its love and its Kargil war heroes. How our soldiers sacrifice their life for the country and the pledge they have taken as;

“I promise to die instead of degrading our national flag and country.”

There are many brave ones in this war, one of them caption Vikram Batra PVC, which leaves an impression in our hearts with the history of the Indian subcontinent for his heroism, grit, and immolate for the country.

Vikram will never be forgotten from our hearts; as we reminisce about Vikram Batra, how can we forget his fiancée Dimple Cheema, who admires us for true love and the heights we believe.

Who is Vikram Batra?

Vikram Batra

Vikram Batra was born in September 1974 as he lives in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. He belongs to a Hindu family. His mother does his primary education and completed middle and high school from Palampur. He is a very popular student among his classmates because of his respectable nature. Batra always participates in sporting activities and is certified by winning prizes. He also participated in national-level table tennis.

Vikram Batra completed his B.Sc from Chandigarh, adjudging him as the best National Cadets Corps (NCC) for the two-zone air wing. He offered to join the merchant navy in Hong Kong during his bachelor’s degree but declined to join the Indian Army.


He has a very gratuitous dialogue as “Yeh Dil Mange More.” 

After completing his bachelor’s degree in 1995, he went for higher studies in MA English course at Punjab University. Dropped his course and went to Dehradun for the Indian Military Academy (IMA). He prepared for the CDS (Combined Defense Services) exam and worked as a part-time manager in a travel agency only in Chandigarh. He passes his CDS exam, qualifies for the Indian Army in 1996.

Some light on Dimple Cheema’s life?

Dimple CheemaDimple Cheema was born between1974-1979. The exact year is not certain. She belongs to the Chandigarh religion Sikhism, completed her basic education from a local school, and went to Punjab University for higher studies. She took admission in MA English at Punjab University but had to drop her studies midway due to personal reasons.

How do Vikram Batra Dimple Cheema’s attractions begin?

They both interact at Punjab University in 1995, where they both enroll in the same course with their two hearts; a life begins as they both like each other and date for a very long time. They only spent 40 days together, and then Vikram got selected for the Indian Army and went to Dehradun. Dimple Cheema’s parents were not happy with their relationship, but their love for each other grows even more as time progresses.

They spent four years together as a distance relationship, but they meet whenever Vikram returns home on vacation. Vikram and DImple always used to visit Mansa Devi Temple and Gurudwara Sri Nada Sahib as it is a ritual. They hold each other’s hands while doing the parikrama, and Vikram always follows them with congratulations Mrs Batra who makes dimples on the cloud. Vikram always called Dimple his second love because his first love is “Bharat Mata.”

Whenever Vikram was on duty, he would always make phone calls and share memories from the day and whenever Dimple felt uncomfortable and missed them.

She would always do something special and love life. He advised by putting his mind in doing what makes him busy and not just by remembering him and sitting down crying. And on duty, he remembers Dimple all the memories when they were together and says, “I wish she were here.” 

Four years passed, and Dimple’s parents used to pressurize her to get married, but both of them are waiting for the right time. The Batra family was already known about their relationship and was happy with both of them. When they both used to chit-chat on calls, they always talked about their future life when everything is arranged correctly, and they both live with each other.

Their curious and cherished memory on their ritual point:

Once Vikram went to meet Dimple, they both went on their respective rituals, and Dimple feeling a little insecure, raised the issue of marriage. Without saying anything, Vikram takes out the blade and cuts his thumb; fills Dimple Maang with her blood.


It was a matter of great pleasure for him, cherished and up to the world movement. After that, Dimple teases him by calling him ‘Pura Filmi.’ They both decided to marry when he comes back on the next holidays.

Dimple Cheema Vikram Batra before Kargil War:

In 1999, when Vikram went home on holiday, they both decided to knot each other with family permission, but in between his holidays, he received the call to return on duty and join the Kargil war.

He asked Dimple to wait for him, and when he returned home after succeeding in Pakistan, they will marry. And before going, he told once his friend that:

” I’ll either come back after raising the Indian flag in victory or

Return wrapped in it,”

Life is so unpredictable, and we lost our superhero by taken a bullet in his chest, and who knows, it was his last word with his friend, family, and with Dimple. He lost his life on 7th July 1999 by saving a fellow soldier. His last words were “Jai Bharat Mata Ki.”


Dimple Cheema, the fiancé/widow of Vikram Batra:

After Vikram’s death, she decided to live his whole life with Vikram’s memory only by recalling their time, chit-chats, and their love for each other.

Batra and Cheem’s parents told her to move on with her life marry some other guy, but she refuses to do so and decides to live as a widow of brave caption Vikram Batra.


True love never dies; maybe some stories are incomplete, but they are beautiful in their way.

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