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Winter beauty hacks for glowing skin| DIY lip-balm

Winter Beauty Hacks

Alright, so it is time to welcome winters in our lives because they bring a lot of problems and take care of them. Not everyone may like this season, but some girls like it the most as it brings many makeup benefits, which means it prevents the makeup from sweating and overall, winter makes the skin more beautiful. Here, we are talking about some winter beauty hacks which helps everyone in their daily lifestyle.

Firstly winters offer many benefits like ice skating, trekking, moving places, etc. Moreover, the main advantage of winter is that we can protect our skin from pollution, patchy skin, humidity, and tanning. But it also caused dryness and irritation. Just as winters coupled with benefits, keeping the skin glowing and hydrated requires certain measures and procedures. Various occasions like festivals, weddings and celebrations of various events are organized, and winter comes as it is the best time to celebrate without thinking about the wet weather and outside pollution.


Benefits of winter:

There are various benefits of skin a person can get in winters, as discus below:

benefits of winter beauty hacks

1. Blood circulation: 

It improves blood circulation in the body from toe to head, making the skin glowing and inflammation free. During winters, our skin is in a relaxed state, so it helps the most in circulation.

2. Rejuvenates the skin:

The first step we take in summers is to wash our face with cold water in the morning so that the skin feels refreshed because, in winters, it refreshes the skin naturally. Winters help us to tighten the cuticles and pores and also to protect the skin from dirt. Hot water helps in making the skin dry in winter. 

3. Natural glowing skin:

As the skin goes into a relaxed state, blood circulation improves, frees the skin from oil and gets fresh air, making the skin glow more and secondly, getting a good night’s sleep helps us get rid of dark circles.  

4. Natural pink skin:

Blush is not required in winters as it is cold outside. Cold weather makes the skin pink by circulating blood in the body, so you can go out without carrying your blush in a mini makeup kit.

5. Exploration of tired skin:

Just like in summers, due to the high ozone layer and wind, the skin becomes dull, making the skin tired and dry; in winters, we get fresh air and good quality weather which gives time to exfoliate tired skin. You can easily go out for a long walk in this season.

6. Sleep better:

In today’s century sleeping at night is every necessary part of everyone’severyone’s life because, in winter, the external temperature pollution humidity is controlled, which makes the skin glowing and gives time to the skin to work internally. It also controls dark circles and keeps the skin glowing. Something cold room temperature makes you fall asleep instantly.

7. Clarity of pores:

The Winter season soothes the skin by reducing acne and pores. It opens up the pores, makes them less visible, and controls oil penetration from the skin. Keeping the oil under control will make the hair and skin waterproof, leaving the skin shiny and oil-free.


Beauty hacks for glowing skin in winter:

There are various winter beauty hacks for glowing skin are:

  • Wear gloves if you have cracked and dry hands:

Wear gloves if you have cracked and dry hands-winter beauty hacks

Always wear gloves in winter to protect your hands from drying out and cracking in cold weather outside. Always wear gloves after applying a good quantity and quality of hand cream or your favourite brand.

  • Apply lip balm to get rid of dry lips:

Apply lip balm to get rid of dry lips-winter beauty hacks

Apply your favourite lip balm or homemade lip balm as a DIY lip balm to protect your lips from dryness and keep them thoroughly moisturized and hydrated. Lip balms are always an absolute accessory in the winter season as they protect our lips from outside wind and weather by coating the top layer on the lips.

If you want to make DIY lip balm without investing in a high brand or want to spend money, you can go for homemade lip balm, which is very easy to maintain and moisturize your lips for a long time. This homemade DIY is a chemical-free product.

  • Cut some time in the shower:

Cut some time in the shower- winter beauty hacks

You should minimize your shower time in winters because you take a hot bath, which makes skin dry and itchy if you use more time to shower. So to protect your skin from unwanted problems, you should cut down on your bath time.

  • Don’t use harsh soap:

Don't use harsh soap

Do not use harsh soaps or body washes during winters as we take hot baths, which open our pores easily, and if we use harsh soaps or body washes, it irritates our skin and becomes hard. Makes scars for use, so avoid using the harsh product as our body is in a state of rejuvenation.

  • Take a warm water bath:

Take a warm water bath

Don’t take hot baths. Always try to take hot baths as being hot makes the skin dry, and it takes too much time for the body to reach the oil or make it somewhat hydrated, which is necessary. In winter, as the weather is cold outside, it needs warmth from the inside, and if too hot baths are taken, it can cut down on the hydration process. So try to take a hot bath instead of a hot bath.

  • Use a moisturizer on the face:

Use a moisturizer on the face

Always remember to apply a heavy coat of moisturizer on the face as winters bring with them dryness. So try to find the best brand of moisturizer that will leave your skin moisturized, hydrated, and glowing.


Use winter-based creams as each season has its products and benefits. You can use different brands that are good to use and effective, for example, Mcaffeine, Himalaya, Lotus, etc.

  • Don’t over exfoliates the skin regularly: 

Don't over exfoliates the skin regularly

You should not exfoliate your skin regularly as it needs hydration and moisturized in winters and significant and excessive exfoliation leads to skin irritation and dehydration. You can choose Mcaffeine products as it is good for winters as it contains coffee and we all know the benefits of coffee for our skin and body. If you want to make your skin glowing, hydrated and smooth, then you can exfoliate your skin once or twice a month.

  • Always use sunscreen: 

Always use sunscreen

In summer, we use sunscreen to protect our skin from sun rays, and in winter, people make the mistake that there is no sun outside and don’t use sunscreen, but they don’t know that grey compared to sunny days. The day is very dangerous. Since the sun is not visible, it is present somewhere above, making the skin more dull and dark. So choose a sunscreen product that is good for your skin and protect it from the weather outside.


You should always buy a product of 30 SPF or more, and one more thing, you should always apply a heavy coat and a good amount of sunscreen whether it is a sunny day, a rainy day or a grey day.

  • Apply body lotion on the body: 

Apply Body lotion on the body

Just like our face needs full moisture and care similarly, our body also needs some care. Just apply body lotion after bathing so that the body can get hydration and also moisturize. If you ignore this step, your skin starts losing moisture and dehydrates the skin making the skin dry, and you get dry marks and unwanted exfoliation on the skin.

Go for Vaseline Cocoa Glow Body Lotion as it moisturizes dry skin from the first application and absorbs fast in skin without greasy. It contains100% pure cocoa and shea butters, known to reveal skin’s natural glow and micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly to lock in moisture and restores Dull & Dry skin’s glow with Rich moisturization. This is best body lotion for all skin types and problems.

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  • Use ointments: 

Use Ointments

If your skin feels burning or itchy, do not use moisturizers and do not use ointments. As if you go for moisturizer at that time, your skin gets itchy more, and you hate that irritation. Therefore, apply the ointment only after avoiding moisturizer.

  • Wear a pair of socks:

Wear a pair of socks

Always wear socks while going out or at home as winters are dry, making oily skin dry and cracked, so applying moisturizer on feet and a good pair of socks keeps your skin safe.


You can use hot oil to massage your feet in winters to protect from dryness. 

  • Exfoliate lips:

Exfoliate lips

You should exfoliate your lips as well as your body. As much as our face and body need care, lips also need it, so exfoliate your lips by scrubbing at home in just 2 minutes.


You should exfoliate your lips with honey, sugar and lemon. Add a few drops of honey and 1 tbsp of lemon to the sugar. Make a smooth paste and start exfoliating by circularly massaging your lips for 2 minutes.

  • Use a bristle hairbrush:

Use a bristle hairbrush

To detangle your hair, you should use a bristle hairbrush because in winters, the wind blows more and brings some dirt, and people are lazy to comb their hair regularly because they think we should wear hats. If we want to cover our hair, then why should we open or comb our hair. But this is a big mistake that a person makes; the most important thing is to detangle the hair every day.

  • Use dandruff free shampoo: 

Use dandruff free shampooThere is a 99% chance of getting dandruff in winters in cold weather. Wind gusts, dirt with a high proportion of pollution cause dandruff and itching this season, so try to use mild dandruff shampoo.

  • Apply warm oil before washing hair:

Apply warm oil before washing hair-winter beauty hacks

Always massage your calves and hair with hot oil in winters because at this time, our skin, hair and body all need moisture, so massaging from root to root with hot oil reduces the chances of hair fall. Is. Hair fall starts, and hair becomes healthy and shiny.


There are some homemade DIYs that help in making the products chemical-free. Some people have sensitive skin, and some people want something homemade in the form of DIY products as winter beauty hacks.


DIY for Chocolate lip balm: 

Now we will make a step-by-step DIY lip balm that helps everyone get rid of dry lips. This lip balm is used by all school going girls or office going girls, or homemakers. Boys can also use it, as it is a semi lip balm so that everyone can use it. Here we are going to make chocolate lip balm because chocolate is everyone’severyone’s favourite, so we are going to make it as it is most favorable winter beauty hack.



  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp white beeswax ball
  • 2 teaspoon sweet almond oil  



1. Double boiler using microwave or gas stove, start melting the wax until it melts completely.

step 1

2. Mix Cocoa Powder and Melted Beeswax.

step 2

3. Blend smoothly, making sure no lumps is theirs.

step 3

4. Add a little almond oil to the mixture.

step 4

5. After cooling, keep it in a container to store.

step 7-winter beauty hacks

6. Yum, Yum! Now it is ready to use, and we can smell the fresh chocolate we eat.

step 6-winter beauty hacks

7. Use this whenever you feel the need for hydration for your lips.



tip-winter beauty hacks

To refresh the lips from time to time, add a few drops of mint oil to it. You can add mint oil while adding almond oil to the mixture.



conclusion-winter beauty hacks

Winters are God’s attempt to cleanse the world of dirt, so by using various winter beauty hacks, you can easily feel free and leave your skin glowing, hydrated, and smooth.

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