Yesterday I called to make a change to my order, because of a mistake on my end. Your employees not only helped me to fix it but added a level of customer service that is not common these days. I greatly appreciate help and professionalism displayed. THEY TRULY CARE. TRULY  I AM SOLD FOR LIFE. The products are just as good as the customer service. WHAT AN AWESOME COMPANY.

Aaron M


Good Evening Mrs Kim,

I just wanted to inform you that I have received my order and I appreciate you including the spray bottles for me. 
The quality of them already feels much better than the bottles I have purchased from different departmental stores in the past. 
I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate the awesome customer service Lane’s (You in particular) have been providing to me. 
The tire shine, tire cleaner and quality of the spray bottles definitely have me satisfied and feeling as if I may have found a potential primary vendor. 
As my company continues to grow, I will definitely be ordering more of Lane’s products to try as I constantly seek the best for my customers. 
Thanks again Mrs Kim. Have a great weekend and enjoy your holiday.


I really loved my cinnamon car air freshener all winter. The scent is pure and not fakey-perfumey. I expect I'll enjoy my orange-scented one as well. My suggestion is to ask for an air freshener that's a simple floral - like rose or lavender or lilac. Not a fakey-perfumey blend, but just a straight-up flower, the way the cinnamon is plain and authentic. It's really hard to find products that smell right!
Thank you,
I just want to take a minute to thank you for your help. I am in my 60s and have purchased many things from many companies in my time. But you and your entire company have expressed the most expedient, kind, caring customer service I can ever remember receiving. 


Bless you and the others that have reached out to me to help with this seemingly unimportant issue offering such amazing service. 


Thank you so much,



I’m loving the seat towel cover so far!  Love how the logo keeps a connection to the vehicle. The fabric feels soft and durable. I also love the ease & convenience of being able to remove it quickly if I like too! I haven’t laundered it yet but I think it will be just fine!  It didn’t take long to arrive….loved that! About to order another one!

Thank you,
D Morgan



I really liked the product you sent. The order was received on time and was a perfect fit.

I thank you for your prompt service.

Christopher B



I ordered the Tennis logo’d car seat covers. They are exactly what I had hoped for.
The ordering process was easy and delivery was quick.
Kim Pietro was a great help when I had questions!

Debbie G


Great product, best tire gloss around. Fast service. Thanks Kim

Tom V




Your guys did great! The product was easy to find and your site is easy to use. I received the product way faster than I expected. I will be a loyal customer, because I love your products and your service! Thank you!




Everything is so cool about these car seat covers.

Excellent quality and delivery.
Donna R
Everything was great. I originally placed an order for one Lexus front seat cover. When it arrived I liked it well enough to order another front seat cover as well as the backseat cover. I received a call telling me they had the backseat cover to match my front ones, it just wasn’t online yet and did I want to switch my order ( from the black to the tan like my front seat covers) which I did. Great customer service!
Thanks Shelly
Great, first-time ordering received seat covers as shown online, really like them.
Mary S

We received our towel seat covers today and I wanted to let you know, we are beyond impressed with this product!! Even better than we had hoped for!! Very thick and well made.


Thank You for such an amazing product!!


Laurie O

Awesome customer service !!! I will return to purchase again !!

Jan F


LONG time ago, about 20 years ago, I was buying all my detail products from you while living in CA. I moved back to WA and then was buying products from you for the detailing company I was working for.

Anyway, I haven't detailed in a LONG time, but I am about to buy some more from you for my personal use. Can you believe all I have left from those days are the Touch-up Shine (E318) and Super Blue Tire Gloss (E-425)? Neither of them have any color left, but still work! lol

Anyway, just wanted you to know that your products made such an impact on me that even after TWO decades, I am still coming back :)



Wheelskins Review - Supple leather, accurate hole placement and a great fit on my steering wheel after stitching the cover in place. Waxed thread provided with kit is plenty long for the application, and installation wasn't that difficult. The included paper instructions are helpful!

Grateful Customer


Everything was perfect with the order from entry to delivery. Thanks.

Best tire shine out there!!



Keep up the awesome job! You have a loyal customer for life!


Kevin W


Great proud and quick service. I'll be back

Marvin H


The service is great. The knowledge of the products is outstanding!

Tony H


I couldn't be more impressed with your customer service and products. 

I have placed 3 orders thus far and will use your company as my go to for car cleaning products moving forward.. 
Thank you for all you do and adding that special touch to each transaction we've had . 
Funny thing is I'm so impressed with your products I've been cleaning all my neighbors tires and even waxed one of them. Your product sells itself and your customer service seals the deal for lifelong customers. 
I look forward to many future orders.

Thank you so much for being so amazing.  

Kim your customer service skills are amazing and match perfectly with your companies high quality products.

Your extension of the extra on my last order shows you want happy customers and left me not feeling like i missed out of the deal so badly. Your conversation was very refreshing and left me wanting to do more business with your company. 

Its been less than a week and I've just placed my 3rd order with you . I am loving all your products and cant wait to try even more. ill admit i just got my second order and wish id ordered more of the trim new plastic restorer.  Your products are the best

Joshua M

very fast process delivery was excellent - Jim B


Great job gang !! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me soon!! Love the seat towels  - Jay

Thank you so much for all of your help! The new Wheelskins showed up the Thursday after re ordering on Monday morning. If fits perfectly and I’m VERY pleased with the quality, look and feel!! I’m a perfectionist so it took me about 5 1/2 hours to install it, but I expected that!!


Please thank everyone responsible for making this such an amazing experience!


Take care, Ron

Great service. Product as advertised. Will shop at Lane’s again. Dennis


I recently bought the terry seat protector with the Infiniti logo in grey. It is a super product! I have a 2019 Q60 red sport with off white seats. I play a lot of tennis and this protects the seat from sunscreen, sweat, etc. Easy on and off. I did not want to hide my beautiful car interior seats with standard seat covers so this is an easy solution.  Regards, Christine



Hi there

I just wanted to say I love the show room shine that the tire dressing produces when applied to the tires. I'm glad I discovered ya'll. 







Received the filters today.  This order had been back-ordered for quite some time, but I had received several phone calls from your company letting me know about the status and making sure that I wanted to keep the order active or not.  Just wanted you to know that it was appreciated.  It seems like a rare quality in a business nowadays! 

Thanks, Tom V 


Your tire shine is the bomb!! Stays on for along time n makes the plastic on the wife’s Jeep look new! Very pleased with the product and the fast delivery.

Tim K



Ya'll are awesome. The products are great & the service is top notch. Kudos to your service reps for their help in explaining things to me with such patience! 





Great products and service



You wanted to know how you did. Well..... You did GREAT!! You filled my request for both Black & Red thread for my steering wheel cover. I was impressed, BIG TIME!!
Thank You

Dear folks at Lanes...First off I'd like to state that I rarely if ever leave comments on any product. If I do I'm either really ticked-off about something or in the case of your product really impressed.
    Your Dry Foam Carpet Cleaner is by far the best upholstery cleaner I have ever used. My son has left his car with me for an extended period and to put it frankly, my son is a pig. The inside of his car was a ruin, vacuuming the junk out alone took almost four hours. The seat were a disaster to the point I wasn't even sure they would clean up. The back seat had a couple different varieties of mold growing on it...in a word...disgusting.

    A friend of mine who does high-end detailing suggested your product saying it was the best he'd found. I ordered up a bottle and gave it a go. The results are incredible. The seats look literally brand new plus it took almost no real effort to get them clean.

    Your product is the bomb no doubt and I will be back for more and will definitely try some of your other products in the future.

     You probably get plenty of them but I've attached some before and after pictures.

    You have a great product and your service was excellent too. Keep up the fantastic work...regards...Peter Callahan





I have been detailing my car’s for years and never have I seen anything like this product I'm blown away by the quality of all these items I purchased the carpet and the leather came out so good I have all ready reordered we will never buy that other stuff off the shelf again. love It!
Dear team


Really loved the product!  My wheel was slightly worn on top and I had even considered replacing it at an exorbitant cost. I am glad I found you. 
It came immediately, perfectly packed and with great instructions. The results were much better than I ever expected. It looks and feels great 

Thank you  





Received my product within five days of ordering it, pretty quick considering all that’s going on in this world. Waxed my truck today and boy does she shine now. Love your products.



Lane sells excellent products.
The car wash not only cleans but also leave a shine on the vehicle 
Stephen M

The dog fur stone works great! I transport a Labrador in my Subaru daily and it was packed with dog hair. The stone took it right off! The dry carpet cleaner and leather care products also work great!




Recent Feedback from your Financed Customers...
 Andrew was very positive, very exhilarating, and very helpful.
The financed equipment will help me get more cars done in a day.
I received one of the Lane's personal phone number so if I had any problems or needed any advice that I could call him personally and he would help me. At the end of our conversation with Mr Lane I felt confident and secure that with dealing with this company will advance my skill in revenue with my first bundle of products. Thank you Mr Lane for your professional old school business tactics. Be blessed.
— Kortez 


The plastic restore product you sent me is wonderful. It actually works!




I just wanted to say how amazing your products are! The Show Car spot remover is a miracle worker! The rug in my Cadillac Escalade had spots for years that wouldn’t come out no matter what i tried. I now have a spotless rug that looks like new thanks to the Spot Remover!

Thanks again
I was very happy with the care seats and the process. The order was handled very professionally. 
The order came very quickly. Thank you.

Catherine B
I recently placed my first order with Lane's Car Products. I was looking for something to serve as a seat protector but didn't need a full seat cover (headrest, back of seat, etc.) The Toyota Car Seat Cover Towel was exactly what I had in mind. It's a dealer-quality product, easy to attach, and the color matches the existing seat color perfectly. I will be returning to Lane's for my future auto accessory needs. Judy D.

Hi, I would like inform current and future Lane’s Car Products customers that after all my years of buying other car care products from big box and auto discount stores, I never found or seen such greater results that comes from Lane’s Car Products when applied to my cars and motorcycles, this stuff is the best! The integrity and end results of using Lane’s Car Products are far superior over any other car cleaning, waxing, tire and wheel car/motorcycle products out there. I’ve been using Lane’s Car Products for a few years now and will be a loyal customer for years to come.
P.S. My favorite Lane’s Products that I always use are:
Super Blue Tire Gloss
Touch-Up Shine
Interior Shine Multi Purpose Dressing
Wash & Shine Car Wash Soap

Thanks Ron C.


Wheel cover fit well  thank you. I will use you all again and spread the word as well.

David K



Found out about your products by doing a search for a good product to clean aluminum wheels. Videos I found online lured me to try your product. Since then I have bought numerous other products. It was sort of like a big jigsaw puzzle. I had pieces coming in from different places and until I got all the pieces together some of the evaluations were put on hold until I could put your products to the test. Well, here's the results. Your products are excellent. They product an excellent result which are easy to get to. So, I now have many of your products to use on my cars and other household purposes. I used your fiberglass product on my fiberglass tub/shower. My wife exclaimed, "What did you use?" Getting her happy is also part of my excitement too. It's nice that they have multiple uses. Your carpet cleaner works great on my house carpet too. Now that I found the good stuff why would I look elsewhere. Thanks. Steve


I am slowly trying your products. I like what I am seeing. The Aluminum wheel cleaner not only worked great but I took before and after photos and showed them to my co-workers and they had that wow look. It's easy to be a skeptic with so many products out there that make promises but don't deliver. I'm glad yours do. Plus knowing you also use your stuff in your detail work means you stand behind your product in more than one way.



I was talking to the owner of Lane's this morning and told him I would share some pictures of my car after using it's products! I couldn't be any more happy with his products and customer attention! I appreciate him working with me now and in the future! I never thought I would take the time to do my own vehicles again, but doing the job with the right materials made me want to do it myself! What a world of difference! I look forward to the other products I have ordered and will update!


Thank you for the outstanding service!


Since I have switched to Lane's detailing products over a year ago I have been enjoying detailing both personally and professionally. Lanes has a great range of products for every type of detailing. For my 2011 Avalanche I use the cherry wet wax and I am achieving a greater shine than ever before. Couple that with the polishing/cutting compounds and you have an excellent system to beautify and protect your vehicle's finish.


Lane having started as a detailer, has come a long way in the development and success of their full product line of everything from cleaning to smelling like a new car again.

I received my Wen polisher/buffer and immediately put it to use. I'm using it solely to buff out fiberglass and tile showers and tubs. It works amazingly and now no more sore arm for me!

I looked at a lot of buffers out there before choosing the Wen....I'm sure glad I did.

Future use....buffing out mild scratches from a high gloss table...ought to work. I doubt it will ever touch a car.

Thanks for carrying a great product.


I currently have a show 1947 Chevy pickup. I recently switched over to your car care products via a friends recommendation. It was a great decision, your products are by far the best I have ever used. I recently won best in show with my truck thanks to your products. Thank you. Matt

Hi Guys, tried the new product for aluminum wheels mine were Alcoa wheels cleans great !!! thank you, Jerry.

I'm a new customer and look forward to continued use of your products for the auto and home! So far the wax, glass and car soap work great. The phone call for information with your staff was also a very pleasant experience. One Happy Customer, Joseph

Hey, This is the stuff I was looking for...Touch-Up Shine The dirt and road grime doesn't stick to your vehicle. Really easy to use, spray on. Shipment was really fast.

Anyway, I have to tell you a story about a car I did this past weekend for a client. The car was massively swirled and neglected and water spotted. My first step using my Dewalt was using your synthetic compound with a yellow pad to remove the spots and heavy swirls. Then, I recently bought some Menzerna products for polishing. While they do work well, they are a PIA to remove..even after the polish has been broken down. So it started getting pretty cold out and I was having the worst time removing the Menzerna nano polish. I said, to hell with this stuff and went for my bottle of Renewit Polish. Needless to say, I kicked myself for even wasting the money on the other stuff.

Time and time again Lane, your products never cease to amaze me. I'm not a detailer by trade, but I do have over 100 cars under my belt, and in all honesty, your products come out on top all the time..it just never fails!

Just wanted to drop you a note and to thank you for helping me get the job done MUCH quicker this weekend. Clients were so happy, they threw in an extra $50 for a job well done. They told me the car was black...but after polishing, a blue metallic flake popped like never before and they said the car was not even this nice when it was brand new!

Anthony Altamura

Owner - Auto Ambiance Detailing

I recently purchased your kit that contains the wash, cut, wax, and seal. This was the first time I used your products. I always used products from the local auto parts store. My only regret is that I did not spend a few more bucks and get the bigger bottles. Awesome products....my car looked better just using the wash. I am very pleased with the results of your wax package. You have a new customer for life.



We just started using your wash and shine car wash soap on our regular clients and the shine it creates is unbelievable. Before we were using ordinary car soap that you can get from the local retail store, and now we use your soap which does a 10 times better job. It was the last piece to the puzzle for our car washing business and now we can call ourselves true auto detailers. Your products have made the world of difference to our company and we really appreciate it.


I purchase the Top Edition Wax package. I used it on my 2003 Greer Trailblazer and 1999 White Ford F-150. The Trailblazer looks like the first day I got back in 2003 and my F-150 look awesome also. The F-150 had bad water spots on the windows and I tired several products the remove the water spots so I tried the products on the windows and BAM it remove the water spots with little effort. All the products went on and came off with ease. I can’t wait until it rains to see how the water beads up. I have told several friends about your products and your website. No more auto store car cleaning supplies for me.


The items arrived today right on schedule. Thank you so much for your superb service, I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know.


Thank you so much for everything!! The tire shine arrived today and it looks AMAZING! I put it on my car to test the shine out and it blew our old products away. The shine is incredible and is still lasting! Thank you so much for helping us out again, your company has great service and truly cares about your customers. We really appreciate it and we will definitely be purchasing more products from Lanes.



I just finished using the headlight restoration kit, and thought you should know that it is awesome. It was still a little foggy even after I used the 3000 grit and some of the #2 cleaner. But, I thought I would use the final product #3 and wow, it was so clear after that. So then I did both headlights. They now look brand new, thanks Lane.

Awesome, awesome stuff....


I have been doing business with Lane's for several years now, and they have always provided unique, superior merchandise at good prices, shipped promptly.


Your products are superior and customer service to match. Thank You, It's a Pleasure Doing Business with You.

Thomas H.

Hi I just wanted to say that I am VERY impressed with your products! I purchased the leather care kit and the cleaner is amazing! I used it on my 2002 Ford Explorer which was used when I bought it and the leather is now like new. I didn't believe how dirty my seats were until I used the cleaner. what a difference. they went from shiny from oils and grimy from dirt, to smooth, clean and smelling like leather again. and the conditioner is fantastic. Just in time for the hot summer coming up. The leather scent is perfect. I am completely and 100% satisfied with your products. I will most definitely be purchasing more of your products in the near future as well as recommending your site and products to my friends and family. Thanks again!


Yesterday I received my bottle of Carnauba Wax and today I used it on my '06 black Chrysler Crossfire. I must admit it is the best wax I ever used. It gives my car a bright deep gloss finish never achieved before. I already used your glass cleaner and was very impressed with how well it cleans glass streak free. It will be a pleasure to recommend your products to all my friends.

Thank you very much!

Peter L.

I was impressed by the way Lane’s handled my recent order. My item was dropped shipped from the manufacturer and somehow the manufacturer shipped it to the wrong address. When I contacted Lane’s customer service department, they immediately tracked it down and got the item to me quickly. I even received a follow up call to make sure the item was received........ NOW THAT’S CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I would recommend Lane’s to all my friends and family as a place that is there for you, the consumer.

I had to drop a quick note to your company and tell you how amazing your products are, more specifically the Cherry Wet Wax. I have a '97 Honda Prelude Type-SH that at some point in it's life had been repainted. The poor car's red paint job is just really starting to show it's oxidation from a paint job gone wrong. We aren't presently in the market for a new paint job, so we have desperately been in search of a wax or polish that would save the poor paint until winter. We have used just about every Meguiar's product on the market, with nothing but a waste of time and money being the final product. I have been a professional detailer for 5 years and used a whole array of different products and I have never come across something that works as well as these products have. I want to convey my deep appreciation to Kevin Krieger who introduced me to the products, because without them my summer show days would have ended till next season..I can't wait to see what other great Lane's Products will hit the market. Thanks for creating such amazing cleaning tools.

Fan for Life!

I have bought and spent more money on wheel cleaners from auto part stores then I would like to admit. I was just hoping that something would give my rims some life again. All the products that I have ever bought never gave them their original shine or left a nasty residue on them. Then I tried your product, I was completely amazed. The rims came out so clean and shinny. I have not seen them that shinny since I opened the box they came in. This product works so well that I am definitely going to buy another bottle of the new aluminum wheel cleaner just to have. Thank you for making such a wonderful product at such an affordable price. I am going to tell everyone I know about your products. Thank you again.

W. Weiss

I'm always glad to hear from you guys!!! As you remember I own Stockton Furniture And Window Coverings and not far away from my business location in Cahaba Heights Alabama (some people now call it Vestavia Hills Alabama) there is a place that washes vehicles and details them. Some of my brothers thought those guys did a pretty good job on their vehicle until one day my brother left his 07 Avalanche at home and rode to work with another brother. So I got my son to go over and get it so we could use your products on it and show him what an inferior job he was getting from the other guys. So my son used all of your products such as Bug Away, Tar Remover blended with Wash and Shine, "Bug Sponges" (which really do work great) and etc. etc. etc. When my brother got home from work and saw how beautiful his all "White 07 Chevy Avalanche" looked he could not believe his eyes, and I have to admit I was really pleased with the outcome. So now several other brothers want to use my Lane's Products on their vehicles which I am glad to share.

I tell you what Lane it is too bad we don't live in the same city, I think before too long I would have every body in my neighborhood using your products. I already have convinced almost all my family members. I hope you use this in your satisfied customer listing because, believe me I am one very satisfied customer!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff S.

Not only is Lane Pietro helpful but he knows about all his products. He is very courteous on the phone and more than willing to go out of his way for you. You can call him anytime and get advice or recommendations from him. I don't know of any other business that does this!!

Sincerely, Rene L.

I am very pleased with the wax and sealer that I just purchased. I have 5 vehicles and have put both products on 3 of them so far with excellent results. Easy on easy off, no smears and an excellent shine. Fast shipping and good price. I will purchase from this merchant again.

Carol L.

I value good service more than price and these guys are easy to build a life-long relationship with. I find it very easy to recommend their products to all who ask to include my local Toyota dealership. Keep up the good works guys- keep the customer first!

Sempert Fidelis Curtis Winfree USMC

Very fast shipping always, and Leather Scent smells JUST LIKE brand new leather - its awesome! I always buy my car supplies from Lane's.

Robert M.

Lane's goes the extra mile in customer service. Original order delivery completely fouled up by UPS. Owner was knowledgeable of the pitiful UPS shipment when I contacted him, offered a bonus item to me at no charge and shipped the order again the next day and on this occasion UPS actually managed to find my house instead of a house 30 miles away, in the wrong town at the wrong address. I will order from this fine company many times in the future and all reading this should consider doing so also.

Mickey R.

Well informative website, easy to order from, and pricing no bad at all. I was looking for a good wax product for my new ES350 black in color, found this site. I like this merchants site because they take the time to explain their product in layman terms. I have and will continue to recommend this site to friends and family. Thanks and keep up the great job.

Juan W.

The selection of products are great and the order process is fantastic. You get the product in a fast timely manner and you get to see the process of your order through UPS order tracking. Witch is real great so you can tell where it is. These products are some of the best if not the best I have ever used. I will always do business with you guys!!!!!!!

Anthony D.

Great products that really work. I've tried other wheel cleaning products without results. The aluminum wheel cleaner is the best. Just spray it on and let it do the work. Great product.

Mike A.

The product are professional grade at prices you can afford. Site provides detailed product information that anyone could understand. I will use products again and again. Thanks

Ron B.

I run my own mobile detailing business and Lanes products help me get the job done right and done fast! The products always arrive within a couple of days so I will never have to go without an essential product.

Anthony A.

After trying a TON of different car care brands and not getting the results I wanted I began to get pretty irritated. I have an Acura Integra Show Car so I need it to look great in the car shows and on the track. I came across Lane's website and starting reading all the information about the products and how to care for your car! (there was a TON of useful information!!) After using Lane's Car Care Products on my Integra I was SO happy with the results I'll never use another car care product again!! I am so impressed with the products and all the great information I will be recommending everyone to Lane!

Kevin Krieger, Oregon

Lane - Now I know your gonna think I’m blowing smoke, you know where, but I SWEAR that stuff Super Seal Paint Sealant is awesome! I did my truck just like you said, and it’s so shiny, it looks wet. I did my bike, and I’m not sure I should do this, and did the chrome as well! UNBELIEVABLE! And the Chrome Wheel Cleaner, AWESOME! The best products! My sons Acura has a lot of swirl marks, so we are going to try it this weekend. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks again for the FANTASTIC products!


Went the extra mile in customer service. Original order delivery completely fouled up by UPS. Owner was knowledgeable of the pitiful UPS shipment when I contacted him, offered a bonus item to me at no charge and shipped the order again the next day and on this occasion UPS actually managed to find my house instead of a house 30 miles away, in the wrong town at the wrong address. I will order from this fine company many times in the future and all reading this should consider doing so also.

Very fast shipping always, and leather scent smells JUST LIKE brand new leather - its awesome! I always buy my car supplies from Lanes.

Amazing, what else can I say? The only two products I have tried are the Wash and Shine and Super Blue Tire Gloss, but I have never seen my truck look so nice since the day I bought it. I have the Super Cut Compound, Gold Edition Wax and the Paint Sealant on the way which should arrive here later today and I can't wait to see the results after I use these three products. I am hoping these nasty storms would leave here so I can find a nice day to apply them all, but I am building up my arm to make sure I can last putting them all on by hand. The products come in a fast manner and the customer service is great. I can't believe it took me so long to find this company! Thanks for selling such wonderful products! Have a great day.


I am very pleased with the wax and sealer that I just purchased. I have 5 vehicles and have put both products on 3 of them so far with excellent results. Easy on easy off, no smears and an excellent shine. Fast shipping and good price. I will purchase from this merchant again.

Fast Lane is a great company to do business with. Their products are far superior to any on the retail market. Their service is exceptional and they are there to answer any and all questions about their products. I have become a regular customer and their products always arrive fast and packed perfectly. I receive regular e-mails from them with special offers that I always take advantage of. If your a car buff, you can't be without their products. I know I will never be. Thanks for the great service and keep up the good work. Thanks,


First off I would like to say shipping was Lightning fast! Lane's products work great! I just recently purchased a bottle of CARNAUBA SUPREME, and their SUPER CUT light scratch remover. I usually only let Zymol Carbon, at $115 dollars a jar to even touch my Black BMW M3, but I was equally impressed with Lane’s waxes and a fraction of the cost! I can’t wait until our beautiful Colorado summer approaches, so I can purchase a complete kit.

Excellent service, super fast delivery and a great website. I would definitely buy from them again. Thank you.

Their products work amazing! Much better then what you buy in the store.

Very Good business to work with. I ordered the Leather scent and it is very good. Shipping was very fast. Thanks Lanes, I'll be placing more orders in the future. Guaranteed !!!

Lanes was very fast on shipping and product was what it said it was. Since my first purchase I have already placed other orders. Thanks Lanes.

I received my shipment 2 days later! Amazing! I used the car products I bought from you about a month ago, just to see how results would pan out after some wear and tear. The quality, after a month, was unmatched. I’ve been using supermarket brands to clean/shine various parts of my car...I won't be anymore. Thanks for your excellent customer service and products!

Products are terrific, shipping and service are great. Thank-You

With the friendly help I received and friendly service I recommend fast-lane. The Super sealant really made my car shine.

Thanks again Dave from Upper Michigan

The degreaser/tar remover is great, ten times better than store products and it goes a long ways! The gold edition wax is so easy to use and it looks great! It's only a little more money than store brand waxes, and well worth it! Try IT!!!!!!!!