Automotive Carpet Film

Automotive Carpet Film

Our customers repeatedly say, "This is definitely the best automotive carpet film on the market". Now this is what makes us believe that we supply one of the best carpet films in the world. Lanes Car Products brings you top quality automotive replacement carpet films at the lowest rates.

Our protective carpet films are manufactured with the best industry standards and are tested to ensure that they perform better than the industries' other carpet films. Our adhesive floor mat film features a water-based adhesive system designed particularly for use in vehicles. This carpet film is printed with "Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover" in the industry standard rectangular pattern. The film is wound on heavy duty 3" cores and is available in multiple sizes and perforation lengths. Carpet protection film acts as a barrier to dust and mites while keeping your carpets in good condition. Not only this, but it also provides a plush new look to the interior of your car.

Our Plastic Floor Mat is designed to protect the carpets from regular wear and tear and also from dust, grime, soil, and oil that collect every day on the car's carpet. The puncture resistant material used to make the carpet film allows for easy removal for cleaning purposes. We at offer an adhesive film with a high tact acrylic adhesive formulated to hold, cover and protect keeping the carpets in a like-new condition.

Lane's Professional Car Products presents high-quality car care products to cater to the needs of our customers in a friendly and affordable way. You can choose from our revolutionary and superior-quality auto and car care products including disposable plastic floor mats, auto dealer mats and plastic floor mats, which are in high demand among the modern-day motorists and automobile dealers.

Our carpet film comes printed with "Dealer Must Remove Protective Cover" in the industry standard rectangular pattern. So, what are you waiting for? Order from, customer-friendly and secure online service with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.