Seat Cover Towel

  • Avoids harmful UV rays on seats – Keeps seats cool in the heat and warm in the cold.
  • Superior quality, plush and soft for a comfortable feel – 100% cotton terry/velour
  • Easily installed and removable in seconds
  • Machine washable, durable; one size fits most
  • Guards against damage – perfect for pets and under baby seats to prevent damage, allows you to live hard and play hard without damaging seats.
  • Strong hemmed border reinforced around headdress
  • Seat towel may need adjustments after sitting, straps are not included on the bottom of towel due to potential airbag deployment issues
  • Dimensions: 26’ Wide x 60” Long

Auto Seat Cover Towels are the essential automotive accessory that not only protects your car upholstery from damaging elements but also doubles as the ultimate car seat towel that can be used everywhere you go. This 100% cotton terry/velour auto seat cover towel easily slides over car’s headrest and fit comfortably over the car seat, protecting your car seat upholstery from stains, dust and perspiration. Car Seat Protector Towels come branded with your favorite logos. From Automotive Brands, Collegiate and Armed Forces, you can choose from a wide range of your favorite embroidered logos to accessorize your car seat. Also, Seat Cover Protector Towels are designed keeping your cars safety features in mind. Seat Towels ensure that our car towels do not hinder or compromise your safety. With no cumbersome pullovers or straps, Car Seat Cover Towels slip over the headrest for easy installation. To ensure longevity of this Towel, tuck into seat before sitting. A simple adjustment will ensure the towel will last a long time without wear and tear.

Our patented Seat Armour Car Seat Towel is a must have when it comes to automotive and personal accessories! ALL TOWELS WILL BE SHIPPED VIA USPS PRIORITY MAIL.