Wheel & Tire Products

Tire and wheel products are very important when it comes to auto detailing. There are a lot of choices when it comes to which products will best suite your car.

When it comes to auto detailing, we are the experts. There is no replacement for experience and that is what Lane’s brand brings to the table. Fast Lane Detailing, parent company Lane’s Car Products has been providing auto detailing services to car dealerships and high-end cars since 2000. In fact, we have grown to one of the largest detail companies in the Midwest.

Now, Lane’s want to share their concentrated tire and wheel products with car fanatics that want a professional product to get the job done right. From our tire shine to our wheel cleaners and polish the quality is unmatched.

If you are tired of using a bunch of brands that claim to shine and protect your tires those days are over. Check out Lane’s original Super Blue Tire Shine. This is the original blue tire shine that companies imitate but just cannot get it right. This product presents durable protection and shine that last.

If you want your aluminum wheels to shine with little effort Lane’s New Aluminum will do the trick. This is the strongest wheel cleaner on the market today. Wheels are often hard to clean and with this product you will question how you ever used anything else.

With all of hard work cleaning wheels make sure you read about our wheel polish. Creating a durable protective coat and increasing the depth shine on your wheels is the name of the game.

Tire cleaning is very important as this sets the stage for the tire protectant. Lane’s Black & White Tire Cleaner does just that. This product is a beast when it comes to attacking dirt. If you have white lettering or white wall tires, they don’t stand a chance, the only option is to turn back white.

Lane’s provides concentrated tire and wheel products to save you time, while achieving professionals' results guaranteed!