Buffers & Polishers


Professional auto detailers use high speed buffers to eliminate paint oxidation and paint defects. All though this may be natural for them, there are risks involved which can sometimes cause damage to your clear coat finish. To reduce risk and still have excellent results individuals lean toward orbital buffers. The orbital buffer is an excellent alternative to hand waxing and eliminates the risk of burning your clear coat finish while creating a high shine. To achieve professional results, the orbital buffer will do the trick.

Quality Auto Buffers that Help You Get the Job Done Faster

At Lane's Professional Car Products, you can find the necessary tools to keep your vehicle in prime condition. Each orbital buffer we carry is designed to bring professional results, even to people who are just getting started in the field. With our product selection, you don't have to worry about damaging your paint's finish.

While it can be a tricky thing to find a high-quality car polisher, you can trust in the quality and performance of every product we carry. We focus on providing our clients 100% satisfaction with every purchase they make from us. As a result, each orbital car buffer on our site has been thoroughly tested by our expert team members.

To order a car polisher or other detailing tools from Lane's, simply give us a call at 866-798-9011. One of our team members will be available to get your order in our system and answer any questions you might have. You can also make a purchase through our online shopping or by mailing your order into us. Orders over $150 receive no cost shipping, and we also offer discounts to clients who order in larger quantities.