Tornador Car Cleaning Tool

Tornador has grown to become a trusted brand when it comes to auto detailing. This tool is effective in both interior and exterior detailing. There are two different types of tools which consist of the Tornador Classic and the newer version the Tornado Black.

The newer version Tornado Black is more powerful, creates less noise and better quality which allows you to have more control of the chemical consumption. Both are driven with air pressure, however the Tornado Black internals along with guided bearings, makes this model more durable for professional use.

Both models are very good when it comes to interior detailing. Whether you are cleaning seats, carpets, headliners or just want to detail those hard-to-reach places, this tool will speed up the process and give you a consistent cleaning job every time.

If you are looking for just the blow gun, Tornador delivers. With the blow gun you can take advantage of all the powerful cleaning capabilities without the cleaning reservoir. Just hook it up to the air compressor and achieve that oscillating air pressure to remove dirt and debris from those hard-to-reach areas.

Last by not least, you want some foaming action, check the Tornador foam gun. This tool is amazing, creating a foaming action that will effectively clean seat and carpets. Whatever cleaning job you are doing, the Tornador will deliver producing professional results in auto detailing.